Not able to make those perfect pictures of birds & wildlife ?? Wanna know the techniques of shooting those eye catching wildlife images with perfect composition, exposure & timing ??? Here’s your chance !! One 2 One with MASOOD HUSSAIN.  One 2 One workshop has been carefully designed by Masood for beginners & amateurs who want to improve their skills. Masood will take you to some of the best birding locations and will be standing next to you, teaching you about each shot, explaining his thought process and all of the technical set up behind it. He will teach you about everything you need to learn to get those high quality images you have been longing to shoot. From planning the shot to post-processing the image , this workshop will cover all aspects of bird & wildlife photography in full details.


Bought a new camera??? DSLR?? Point and Shoot?? or a latest camera phone?? I’ll show you how to bring the best out of it. Be it wildlife, landscape, street, portrait or any other genre, one needs to get the basics right. One needs to learn to see things before learning to photograph them. I’ll take you through all the basics of photography starting from exploring the capabilities of your camera to shooting modes, composition, camera parameters, metering, post-processing and everything you need to know to brush up your skills. This workshop will change the way you look at the world around you and will definitely make you a better photographer even before you finish that cup of coffee with me. One 2 One with Masood Hussain.    


Post processing is a vital part of digital photography. As a matter of fact it was equally vital during the film era. That darkroom has simply gone digital. No matter how good you are at photography, if you don’t know how to process your images you’ll end up with dull photos that lack the punch. Join me for session of post-processing images of birds and wildlife. This workshop is intended only for wildlife and bird photographers who are already up to date with shooting techniques.       


For more details and registrations please send me an e-mail on or get in touch with me on 09849262415.