Masood’s journey as a wildlife photographer began in 2010 when he bought his first DSLR. Birds & wildlife always fascinated him. His love for these beautiful creations of nature further elevated as he started observing them closely through his lens. His love for wildlife slowly transformed into an obsession. That which started as a hobby soon developed into a passion. He started to use the medium of photography to record those scintillating moments which he witnessed in the wild. Those moments which tell a story about an event that occurred in the natural world. ‘Birds in action’, remains his favourite subject which is clearly reflected in his work. He has travelled to various countries in the pursuit to shoot endemic wildlife. He sincerely believes that his images will help portray the true beauty of nature & will influence people to admire & conserve it.

A defining moment of Masood’s journey as a wildlife photographer was when he was awarded the coveted distinction AFIAP, (Artiste, Federation International de l’art Photographique), by the INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF PHOTOGRAPHIC ART, FRANCE. He was awarded the best bird photographer during the United Nations CoP 11 in 2012. Masood also received the NATURAL CAPITAL AWARD in 2017.His work has been published as cover shots & full feature in various photography magazines. 


Nikon D500

Nikkor 200-500mm

Micro Nikkor 105mm, f2.8 VR

Nikkor 50mm, f1.8

Nikon SB-600 & SB-28 flashes